A beautiful blend of immune enhancing certified organic herbs. Each herb is carefully selected to support and strengthen the immune system.




Echinacea - A powerful herb for conditions of the upper and lower respiratory systems. May assist in combating colds, flus, sinusitis, coughs and bronchitis. Echinacea is also used to treat mild skin conditions.


Ginger - Warming and soothing for coughs, colds, flu and other respiratory problems.


Liqourice - Coats and protects the gastrointestinal system to help relieve symptoms of colds, coughs and congestion.


Cinnamon - Antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral, Cinnamon is an overall tonic for body.


Rosehip - High Vitamin C and antioxidant content support the cardiovascular system and assist in the reduction of systemic inflammation.


Astragalus - Ancient Chinese herb used in the treatment of upper respiratory infections.


Olive Leaf - Traditionally used to strengthen the immune system.


** Not suitable for use during Pregnancy

Immune Boost