Stress Relief Herbal Tea combines a beautiful blend of certified organic herbs. Each herb is carefully selected to support, relax and nourish the nervous system. Can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night.


Passionflower- Well documented for its medicinal actions, Passionflower is used in all forms of sleep disorders as well as anxiety and nervous tension.

Withania- A perfect herb for those suffering from burn-out. Withania is traditionally used for its anti-stress powers.

Chamomile- The perfect night time tonic. Chamomile has been used for centuries to help quiet a racing mind. Specifically beneficial for restlessness and irritability.

Lemon Balm- Promotes relaxation and soothing, may assist in anxiety, insomnia and headaches.

Lavender- Renowned for its heavenly fragrance, lavender provides nourishment to a overburdened nervous system. May assist in easing nervousness, stress and anxiety.

Spearmint- Providing a refreshing cool taste and may assist with digestive upsets and bloating

40 Serves

** Not suitable for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding 

Stress Relief